March 25th, 2007


Rehearsal Today

Today at 3pm I have an hour-long rehearsal with Jason Burge, my accompanist for the NATS spring student audition. We'll see how it goes, and I'll do my best. I know I know my three pieces, but I'm still feeling a bit nervous. I know I'm not singing all that well yet, though my teacher says I'm where she wants me to be at this stage. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will at least sound like I've received some instruction.

Writing: No serious writing today, just some interactive stuff with baghdaelf. I've mainly been concentrating on the music practice. I can't even think of anything to write, at this moment; my mind is a complete blank. All I'm really thinking about is that I need to shower and wash my hair, and I want something to eat before the rehearsal.
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Rehearsal Results

Music: The rehearsal went better than I expected. The accompanist liked my three pieces, and we went over them, smoothing out rough spots, until we were satisfied.

I've seen on a map how large the room is that I'm to sing in. It is about 1/6-1/5 the size of the opera auditorium. *gulp!* I'm supposed to fill that space with my voice? Hoo-boy! We'll see how it goes.

After rehearsal, Mark, Donna, and I went out for dinner at Los Tios, and now we're back at home, waiting for our housemate Tom to arrive so we can celebrate his birthday. He was up at the Alamo Draught House watching 300 with members of Starbase Houston, a local Trek fan club. The Alamo Draught House is one of these places that serves you dinner while you watch a movie. I'm hoping they'll build one closer in to town. Going all the way out to Highway 6 is quite a drive.


Hm. ZoomText, which is a screen magnifier/reader, costs $374.00 at Amazon. That's the least expensive price I've seen, but still--ouch!

I guess I'd better start eating salads for lunch. No more Quizno's until I save up for a while.
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