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koloagirl suggests heavy bombardment with Cheering Charms to weaken Voldemort in Book 7. Okay, sarcastically suggested, but still...

SPH: Dude, that just might work. The little Paul Graves in my head is extremely impressed with the simplicity of it.

Okay, Lavender, you know what you need to do. I will nab all of my characters to help you, and your BFF will be there in spirit. Now, where's that creepy graveyard Voldie hangs out in?

Current Mood: predatoryWe're hunting Voldemorts!

Nabbed from matociquala. Apparently, it's everywhere.

This was an amazingly accurate personality test. I want to do it for Paul, but I'll have to really sink into his personality to be able to draw a landscape the way he would.

drawing personality

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What does your drawing say about YOU?

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