March 17th, 2007


Friday Thinking and Saturday Plans

All: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Movie: Last night, we saw Amazing Grace, starring Ioan Gruffudd. It is a wonderful movie, and I enjoyed it very much. Any movie that makes me think is to be valued, and that is what this one did.

No, I wasn't thinking about slavery; that's a no-brainer. What I did think about was my own political beliefs and why I hold them. Why did I choose to become a conservative after considering myself a liberal since childhood? That kind of thing. That movie helped me articulate in my own mind why I have made the political choices I have and why I believe as I do. It's a satisfying feeling, to finally know why I believe something rather than simply knowing what I believe.

I plan to write down my thoughts on that later. Right now, I haven't had time to think and organize them, and some of what I want to say, I don't know how to say without making blanket generalizations or being offensive. I don't believe in blanket generalizations, so I have to be very precise in my word choices. I'll post it either here or publish it when I'm done.

Saturday plans:

  1. Download Yahoo Messenger and reconstruct YM friends list.
  2. See if baghdaelf is online and wants to chat.
  3. Heck, see if anyone I know is online and wants to chat. (g)
  4. Buy some Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate mint-flavored.
  5. Clean the bathroom.
  6. Write essay on thinking about Amazing Grace.
  7. Write something about Tarran - probably won't get done until Sunday.

It's good to be back online, though I'm taking it slowly, one activity at a time.
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