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Just posting to let people know that we've been informed by Best Buy that our computer is ready, so I should be able to get online from home again soon. I'm looking forward to it, though I have to say--I've really ENJOYED not having the computer around. It's been liberating. I've been able to concentrate on other more necessary things--like housecleaning, music practice, and sleep. I haven't done a single fannish thing in over a week, and I haven't particularly missed it.

My stack of email will probably be horrendous, but at the moment, my attitude is, "Screw email. I don't have to read it for another 24 hours, at least. Yeah, baby!"

Nope, I haven't gotten the writing DT's yet, because I still have spiral notebooks, and I've been using them.

Getting rid of the computer is bliss. Everyone should try it.

Current Mood: peacefulpeaceful
Current Music: "Lotta Love" - Donna Summer?
Jump back March 9th, 2007 Go forward