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TV: Bones isn't on tonight because American Idol is pre-empting it. Grrrr!

Stupid American Idol... Seriously--Watch a show about six highly intelligent people solving crimes, or watch a show about people competing to be pop stars? No contest. Bones all the way.

Heard on the Glenn Beck show: "The judge hearing the Anna Nicole Smith case in Florida proves that, not only is justice blind, it's also bald and annoying."

Too bad I can't stick Mr. Graves in that courtroom. If he wanted silence in there, he would make it silent. *snickers*

Health: I have an appointment to see my primary doctor next Monday. Thank God...Maybe she can tell me what this bug is or at least get rid of it. I am so tired of having continuous Throat Crud and feeling tired.

Work: Work was there. One of the caseworkers finally checked her files back in, so I was able to work on them and get done things which needed to get done for March. Hurray!

Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: voice exercises - Lutgen
Jump back February 21st, 2007 Go forward