February 5th, 2007



In the 'This Could Only Happen in Texas' department...

TV: So, I was watching the news last night, and a story came on about a man in Conroe, Texas, who was mauled by a pit-bulldog while out jogging. It seems the man killed the dog with his bare hands, trying to get it off of him. The guy says it was self-defense; the dog's owner claims it was murder, and her dog wouldn't hurt a flea. This is in the midst of the Conroe city council seeking to pass legislation that would make it a law that dangerous dogs must be kept on leashes, behind fences, etc. 'Dangerous' would be defined as dogs which attack other animals as well as people.

Erm...These are dogs, remember--canines. Carnivores. Anyway...

One lady, when interviewed briefly about the proposed legislation and whether she thought it would affect her own dog, said, "Oh, no, I'm not worried. My dog is snack-sized."

She hasn't known some of the chihuahuas I've known. (g) Scary little buggers!

Wicca: Imbolc was...instructive. I'll have to think about the ritual some.
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Memory Awake

Now that we have the latest version of IE, I went to Crucial.com tonight and ordered a 2GB memory upgrade to my computer. Since it currently runs on 256MB, I suspect this will equate to a significant improvement in performance.

Or else. (g)

Anyway, it cost $200, but I believe the price was well worth it. I look forward to seeing what sort of difference it will make.

TV: I heard that the Fruitcake Lady from The Tonight Show has died. If that's true, she will be missed by Mark and me. I loved listening to her smart-ass answers to people's idiotic questions. She was great.
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Hemoglobin and Cacao

Suse--You might enjoy this movie quite a bit. A lot of it reminded me powerfully of Erzsebet--aside from the obvious. I'd love to have done Seth and Erzsebet like this movie.