January 24th, 2007


Wednesday, the Sickie Stayed Home

And mostly slept. I hope to see my doctor next week, if this cold is not better by Monday.

Chererleading Scandal: What is with this South Carolina cheerleading squad, its coach, and the school principal? I don't know how many of the girls were involved, but didn't they have, like, brains? Or was this presented as just a party with some college boys? Really weird stuff, both this party their coach invited them to and the cover-up.

Movie: We'll either be seeing The Queen or Blood and Chocolate on Friday. I'm interested in Blood and Chocolate, but at the moment, I really couldn't care less. Every time I suggest to Mark that he just go see the movie he wants to see and pick me up for supper, he doesn't want to do that--which is sweet of him, and I appreciate that he wants me there, but still...Zzzz.

Work tomorrow. Oh boy.

TV: I am rather pissed off that tonight, instead of Bones returning, we get two hours of American Idol. I will turn our TV to The Science Channel in protest. Good news, though--King of Cars is coming back for a second season starting next week, I believe. I'm looking forward to that.

Vendetta: 319 words tonight.

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