January 19th, 2007


Today's Mission

During my morning break, I am going to Kroger's for tea. Must. Have. Tea. I'd like to get white tea if they have it.

Handel's Hallelujah Chorus is playing in my head this morning. Better that than "Richard Cory." I am really sick of hearing "Richard Cory" ad nauseam. It seems to be my constant afternoon companion, lately.

I had very weird dreams last night--one about an archaeologist trying to study the remains of a culture that cremates all of its dead (very creepy); one about a hostage situation in an ice cream parlor, and one that took place once the hostages had been released.

Back to work, now.
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    Hallelujah Chorus - Handel

More Chinese Fantasy, Oorah!

Movie: Tonight's movie was Curse of the Golden Flower, another Chinese fantasy movie featuring marvelous visuals and ballet-like swordfighting. I'm told the plot is similar to The Lion in Winter, but that it also borrows from Chinese history.

The Lion in Winter stuff is true. You can easily pick out Henry, Eleanor, Alys, John, Geoffrey, and Richard. I couldn't read the subtitles, so I didn't understand much of what was going on as it happened, but I did like watching the film. The costume budget alone must have been enormous. And where do they get all of these immensely long, beautiful rugs? The number of extras would make Cecil B. DeMille envious, unless they were all CGI. They didn't look it, though--at least, not in the battle scenes.

There was lots of chreographed, synchronized fighting. I begin to wonder if there will come a day when we all believe that the ancient Chinese actually fought like that, with such perfect precision. For that reason, I think I would like to see a return to a more realistic movie style, though I do love the Chinese fantasy epics for their sheer beauty.

Kudoes to the actress playing 'Alys' for the way she moved. She gestured and moved her hands like a queen. There's a scene in which she is drinking something, wiping her lips with a napkin, taking a fan from her maid, and opening it, that is just marvelous simply for the actress' hand motions. No mere peasant woman would know how to move her hands like that.

Definitely a treat for the eyes. Go see it!

I am crawling into bed now, because my throat is very sore, and I just took two NyQuil gelcaps.