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tarlia mentioned a writing critique site called Urbis in her journal today, so I went to check it out. It looks pretty interesting, and for whatever reason, I think I will find it easier to use than the Critters site in some ways. I'm not quite sure why I feel like that.

Anyway, I have set up an account under the username gaudialis for anyone who is interested in reading some of my work. I have not yet posted anything; I am currently just writing reviews. Until the people whose work I critiqued read the reviews, my reviews will be hidden.

An amusing note--Someone had critiqued one of Tarlia's poems. I thought it was a worthwhile review, so I went to that person's profile page to learn more about him/her. I liked what I saw and was thinking about adding that person to my Favorites list over there. Then I looked at that person's listed works and realized that one of them was a poem I had just given an unfavorable review!

I still might add that person as a favorite, but it will depend on whether I like the other works by that author. (g)

Most of my Sunday has been spent doing this.

I'm trying to find some of my poetry that I would like reviewed. I think I was a putz and only wrote it in a spiral notebook, because I sure can't find it on my computer. I'll have a look in musevoices and see if I posted it there.

LJ: I am thinking of changing the name of this journal to Gaudialis, because that is me, and 'Aerden' is the name of one of my characters. I'm still mulling that over, because I have gotten used to using the name Aerden.

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