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A quote by quietlyurban from an Imperial Secrets joint post:

"Kathryn and honour have not met--or at least been formally introduced."

I happened to be reading it this morning and remembered how much I loved that line.

(g)Nostalgia = pain from knowledge. No pain here. :)

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Current Music: "Oculi Filioli" - Rondellus

Work: Sometimes, knowing how to read Braille comes in handy.

We have a blind consumer who we are asking to speak at an adjustment to blindness seminar that my program is hosting. We sent him a printed letter yesterday, asking him to speak. Today, my caseworker handed me a Brailled letter and asked me to mail it to the gentleman, since she had forgotten that he couldn't read a printed letter.

I was about to ask her for his address, when I realized that I could get it off of the Brailled letter. *snicker*

It was still a little difficult, as I had to figure out that the backwards 't' is the contracted combination for 'ou' but I got everything figured out and the letter mailed.

Much fun! I do need to break myself of the habit of visually reading Braille instead of reading it tactilely.

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