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Mark and I spent a very nice Christmas Eve with my parents and family. Tomorrow, we'll spend Christmas with his family. The weather was sucky--all drizzly and rainy and just yuck.

When we got home, I immediately took a nap, and Mark got on the computer. I guess he got his napping done at Mom and Dad's. I wanted to nap at Mom and Dad's. (g) It's weird, though. I remember eating much more as a little kid and not feeling half as full. Today, while I ate a full plate, it wasn't piled high; it was just mostly covered, and the food was mainly casserole-type stuff, except for the ham. Anyway, I'm stuffed.

Mom had bought some holiday napkins bearing the message, "Be naughty. Save Santa the trip." We got a good laugh out of those. And we drank egg-nog containing 30 year-old boubon--because that's how long Dad estimates it's been in their liquor cabinet. It still tasted pretty good. We never did get around to drinking the Bailey's Irish Cream. Oh well. :)

Now we're home. I'm here at the computer, and Mark is watching Payback, starring Mel Gibson. Dexter is over for the year, and it feels really odd to not have that on tonight. On the other hand, watching Dexter on Christmas Eve would be sort of wrong, I think.

Card: CP--I got your card. Thank you! :)

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

Current Mood: fullfull
Jump back December 24th, 2006 Go forward