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Gaming: Imperial Secrets is back! For any former players reading this--Perhaps you've noticed that you are once again receiving posts from the IMS (L'Isle) list? It's not a dream. We're up and running. Please feel free to join.

(This means you, Suse! Brian Shafner especially asked for you. I would have, but I didn't think you'd respect me if I groveled. (g) And no, I am not abandoning Tarran on Ardaea. I just have to figure out where I want to go with his story. I won't be writing the Ardaea version of it in IMS.)

(And, DUSTE EGGERS! This also applies to you! Please do a Google search on your own name, once in a while, will you? We really, really want you back! Where the hell are you???)

And anyone who likes a really good fantasy game--I stayed in IMS for five years and was a steady player until its creator closed it a couple of years ago. I don't think we yet have provisions in place for accepting new players, but we will definitely want new folks. I'll post more news as I know it.

My character Myradin Glennis' entries are available in myradin. The most recent one was written today.

Review of Imperial Secrets

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