December 15th, 2006


Obey Your Pharmacist

Drugs: I've been prescribed a course of Macrobid to take care of a UTI. The pharmacist told me to take this medication with food. He wasn't kidding. I've been taking it since Monday--with food--but I think I need to eat more food before taking it. I feel worse now than I did when the infection was diagnosed--I had no symptoms, then. Now, I feel like I've had a combination of menstrual cramps and stomach ache since Tuesday. Bleah.

Does anyone know if drinking mass quantities of water would help? I mean, aside from the water I drink normally. :P
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Music: Squee!!!

My friend Donna wants the two of us to leearn "The Lady of Shalott" as a duet. She didn't say if the plan is to perform it or where, if so, but I'm game.

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