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Voice Lesson: I will be singing three solo Christmas carols at Lights in the Heights on Saturday, December 9 from 8-9pm. The first two hours of this event will be performances by children, and adults will perform during the third hour. This is not true of the whole event, by the way, just true of the students in my teacher's studio.

Yes, I would rather sing than go gaming. (g) Anyway, any of you living in the Houston area who wish to come are welcome to. I'll have more details (such as the address) next week. In the meantime--I'll be practicing, practicing, practicing.

Note to self: I really must educate my voice teacher about cool medieval songs.

Shopping: I bought the Christmas gift for my niece and nephew this evening. Now I just have to wrap and mail it. I bought myself a couple of sweaters, because I figure I'll need them this weekend and over the next few days. It's cold outside!

Work: My cubicle is now decorated for Christmas. I put some greenery garland up, along with Christmas tree ornaments shaped like lutes and harps. I've also got a small wreath put up. I'll post cellphone pictures later.

Movie: Viv--Mark and I are going to see The Fountain tomorrow night. I can't wait! I wound up not seeing The Constant Gardener, so I'm really looking forward to this, even if Ralph Fiennes isn't the male lead.

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