November 21st, 2006

Margaret - Waterhouse

Office Art

Work: I have decided how I will decorate my office space in the coming year. It will be with art by John William Waterhouse. :)

Always a good choice!

Overheard at Work: "I was so short as a kid that, when it snowed, I would have to stay home from school."

Yep, I know all about being that short, though I never lived in a place with snowdrifts.

Jocasta/Aran Weyrs: We have three lurkers now. Huzzah!

Must get back to work now. Bye!

A Gem in 360 Words

NaNoWriMo: Only 360 words so far tonight, but among them is a passage I love.

I have someone quoting from a Luatian Prelate named Jevek. I wish I could write like Jevek writes all the time, say those things. I want to talk about deep beauty, the deep mystical things which touch your soul, like the writings of Angela of Foligno. That's what I really want to write, even more than fiction.
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I'm a Physician


TV: Watching House and 3lbs. one right after the other makes the distinction between them pretty clear.

Doug Hanson respects his patients and his co-workers, and Gregory House does not. In fact, I think there is precious little respect on House.

The more I watch 3lbs., the more I think House is a putz of a show, even though it is entertaining.

Darn those shows! I didn't watch any Dog tonight! (g)
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