November 7th, 2006


Tuesday's NaNo

Writing: Tuesday's NaNo did not happen because I was stumped and because they were showing five episodes of Dog tonight on A&E, so I watched that instead of writing.

*wibbles for Elie* She got arrested, and people know she works for Da Kine Bail Bonds. *wibbles some more* I hope she's still as tough as she was 13 years ago; she'll need to be.


Election Day: The turnout at our polling place this evening was impressive--quite a long line. I'm glad to see so many people going to vote.

I voted mostly for Republicans, but I did vote for Kinky Friedman for governor, as well as for a few Democrats and Libertarians. There were a surprisingly large number of Libertarians running for office, which I liked. Give the two main parties some competition, I say.

The accessible oting booth is painfully low for someone who is not in a wheelchair. My back and thighs were aching by the time I finished voting. I vote in every race, even the uncontested ones. I figure that, if someone cares enough about a position to run in it, he deserves my vote, even if he's running unopposed. The voting staff weren't kidding, though--the ballot was very long.

Interesting-named candidates I voted for: Quanah Parker (No, I'm not making that up!) and Charles Holcomb. Quanah Parker's name, you ought to know from history, if you were raised in the US. Charles Holcomb is the name of one of our mobility instructors, who I intend to email tomorrow and ask if he won his seat. (g)

I have now changed into my "Why the Hell not? (Kinky Friedman for Governor)" t-shirt.

Anyway, time to move on to tonight's NaNo and House.
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Election Results

Election: Pretty much what I expected, though not what I had hoped for. I am not at all keen on the idea of having Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, but that's the way it is, so on with the show.

I'm quite pleased that Kinky Friedman and Carole Keeton Strayhorn both got percentages in the double digits. That's better than I was expecting.

And I'm extremely pleased that Joe Lieberman won his seat! Hurray!

I wish he could be Speaker of the House. *sigh*