November 6th, 2006


On Boy Getting Girl

Writing: Most people are able to write:

1. Boy meets girl.
2. Boy gets girl.
3. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

But not me. No, I have to write:

1. Boy and girl meet in hellish situation.
2. Really awful shit happens.
3. Boy and girl's relationship turns extremely rocky.
4. Tribulations and turmoil follow.
4. Boy and girl finally get each other but are too exhausted to do anything about it because they are so stressed out. They fall asleep happily ever after in each others'arms.

Why can't I write a humorous fantasy story??? *whines*
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Today's NaNo - 11/06/2006

Today's word count: 2050
Cumulative total: 10,101

TV: Tonight, we are watching the most perfect thing one can watch, the night before Election Day--TCM is showing 1776!


At this moment, I don't even care who wins the election tomorrow. I haven't seen 1776 in months. Wheee!!!
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