November 1st, 2006

Forensics Geek

Early Autopsy

This article discusses evidence of one of the first autopsies ever performed in North America, in 1604 on St. Croix Island near Maine. Pretty fascinating stuff!

Hallowe'en: Very disappointing, so far. We have had one kid come by, a little girl in a fairy princess costume. :( This is just sad. When I was a kid, our doorbell rang all evening on hallowe'en.

All dressed up in my Snape costume, and no kids to give candy to! *whine*

TV: I'm watching Dog and wandering into the den to catch bits of House every once in a while.

The most annoying show on television has got to be A&E's Intervention. Why in the world do they imagine that people want to watch other people going through drug addiction? *shakes head*
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PSA: Voting Rights for the Disabled in Texas

Emailed to me from a co-worker. Some information is slightly outdated, but other parts of it are still timely.

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Texans with Disabilities

Vote Early: You may vote early in person. During Early Voting you can vote at any polling place in your county. Early voting starts October 23rd and ends November 3rd.

Election Day: November 7th is Election Day. The polls open at 7:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM. On Election Day, you must vote at your assigned polling location or your vote will not count.

Curbside Voting: If you are physically unable to enter a polling place or to stand in line to vote you can ask an election official to bring your ballot to your car or the entrance of the polling place. This applies to early voting and Election Day.

Accessibility: State law requires all polling places meet strict accessibility standards.

Private Ballot: It is your right to cast a private and independent ballot. Every polling place must have at least one accessible voting device by 2006 which assist individuals with disabilities cast a private ballot.

Voting Assistance: You have the right to assistance—from any person you choose—when registering to vote or when voting if you can not read or mark the ballot or application. You have the right to an interpreter. It is illegal for the person assisting you to try and influence your vote.

Voting Options
You may find it easier to vote by one of the following voting

Vote By Mail: You can have your ballot mailed to you.
Contact your election official to request a ballot by mail.
The last day you can request a ballot by mail is October 31st.

Voter Registration
People with disabilities have the right to register to vote. Many people who have guardians do not know that they have the right to vote. They do have that right unless a judge specifically states that a the person under a guardianship cannot vote.

If you have questions about your voting rights or to report a violation—

Advocacy, Inc.
Toll-free: 1-888-796-VOTE or
1-800-252-9108 (V/TTY)
Website: Advocacy Inc.