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Going with rclementmoore's advice to write the ending first, I am confronted with some story issues.

For The Twice-Failed Quest:

  1. If I destroy the evil deity's domain in order to save the object of the quest, what's going to happen to all of the people who are still alive down there?
  2. Do I really need the knight, or are the priestess and the mage enough?
  3. What are the consequences going to be, if my characters do something so extreme as destroy the evil god's domain? I don't really care, but the evil god's high priest insists I should figure that out, and I have to admit, he's right. I just don't want to write a second book in this universe.
  4. If I destroy the evil deity along with his domain, that would be theologically bad, wouldn't it? It would throw that universe off-kilter. So I don't know if I should do it.
    </ o/ol>

We met at the HEB Central Market over on Westheimer today at 2pm to get to acquainted and have a kind of pep rally. It was fun getting to meet some of the other insane NaNo people. I got to meet octoberdreaming and her husband David in person, finally!

It seems there's a bit of a competition going on between Texas and Maryland, this year, for highest average word-count per day. Hopefully, we will whip Maryland's butt. (g)

HEB Central Market is a neat place--sort of like Whole Foods and with an awesome deli. Mark and I must go back there. While waiting for him to pick me up, I bought plastic cartons of honeyed pecans for me and a snack called Sweet Cajun Fire for him. The pecans are to die for!

Anyway, I look forward to writing. I will likely join the West Houston group for their write-ins in Meyerland, which is close to where I live.

I'm getting things organized for The Twice-Failed Quest. I'm still shooting for quality over quantity, though I would certainly like to make the 50,000 word goal if I can without producing a lot of crap. We'll see.

The gathering was quite enjoyable, except for the band. It wasn't a bad band, but it was loud, and I could barely hear the people at my table speaking. Other than that, though--much fun!

I wonder if Cue's Burgers near my house is a hot spot? It'd be neat to have a write-in there some Saturday, but I don't know if it's wireless-capable. It's open until 8pm Wednesday through Saturday.

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