October 23rd, 2006


Last Night's TV

TV: I saw the "Give the Boy a Hand" episode of Dexter--in which we discover that La Guerta can't be the anti-Christ, because she is able to step inside a church. Who knew?!

I enjoyed the episode--no one died, although one character probably wished he had. :P I'm glad they're not making this into the kind of show whose object is to have Dexter kill some new criminal each week. This is much better.

The Hawking Paradox show was interesting. Apparently, Hawking is less popular among physicists than he is among the general public. It was odd to find that out. I also watched a show featuring Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Hawking. I had no idea Galileo's father was a lutenist. Now I want to hear some of his compositions.

There were two accidents involving 18-wheelers on I-45 North this morning, blocking all four lanes of southbound traffic. It took one of our employees two hours and 15 minutes to get to work today.

An article of Mark's was published in The Washington Post Saturday, called "The Final Commercial Frontier."

Time for me to get back to work, now. Bye!
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The LOCK Method of Plotting

L: Lead Character
O: Objective
C: Confrontation
K: Knockout ending

L. Paul Graves
O. Wants to rescue his father from bad guys.
C. To do this, he must become a Bad Guy himself, even though he hates what they do and stand for. But even worse, he finds one aspect of the Bad Guys that he likes.
K: Rescues his father and brings down the Bad Guys, but Dad is not pleased with what Paul did to rescue him.

Something like that.

I think my weakness is going to be endings.

*goes off to think*

Science: Green, leafy vegetables are good for your brain, and a reduction in body fat in mice enables them to fight skin cancer better. Cool! Interesting stuff you can find in the news crawl.
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