October 22nd, 2006


I Hate Recyclers!

Housecleaning Rant: We made the horrible mistake of allowing a recycler to come live with us.

I hate recycling. Even though I believe it's a good thing, every single recycler I have ever known has been a nutcase about it. They collect, and collect, and collect, and allow the stuff to pile up in their homes, and they never take the stuff away! So you wind up discovering a pile of used (but cleaned) aluminum foil or plastic bags. You think it's trash. But oh, no, you mustn't throw it away, because it's for recycling!

Screw that.

If it looks like trash, is not in an obvious recycling receptacle--it's going in the trash. I have had it up to here. My stepbrother is the same way--collects the stuff, won't hear of it being thrown out, but never takes it to the bloody recycling place unless you menace him with tongs and a blowtorch. He is even like this on vacation. I don't know how Mark's stepmother puts up with it. If he were my son, I wouldn't.

Some of us prefer to live in neat homes and be civilized people, dammit. I know I am not a neat freak--nothing like Felix Unger. But by God, I do like to be able to invite friends into my home without feeling embarrassed. I am so effing tired of that.

So anyway, I've done little bursts of housecleaning all day. I got up at 6am and cleaned in the kitchen some, went on another cleaning rampage a few hours later, and have continued off an on since then. The mission for this evening is the refrigerator.

I will have a neat house.

Books: I found the link to a set of books I loved as a child: The Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series. :)
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TV Tonight

TV: "It was the lard that did it." --Jamie Heinemann of Mythbusters

Tonight's TV watching will consist of Mythbusters, the documentary of the Hawking Paradox on The Science Channel, and Dexter, with maybe some more Science Channel.

Somewhere in between all of this, I'll be cleaning out the refrigerator. I must be insane.
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