October 11th, 2006


Dog Chapman Surprise

LJ Time Stamp: Is anyone else's time-stamp messed up? Mine was telling me that I left a post at 12:33am on October 12, when I wrote it at 7:40pm or so. I had to backdate it.

Duane Chapman: I found out that Dog's sister-in-law and her family live near Houston. It turns out that a co-worker knows the SIL's family. Talk about six degrees of separation! So I am within three degrees of separation of knowing the guy. Too bizarre.

Work: Today I worked on filing and typing reports. Tomorrow morning, I hope to pay invoices, unless I get handed my caseworker's travel to do. That will put everything else on hold.

Writing: I hope to get more written in "Resistance" tonight. It's interesting to me how the Paul in "Resistance" is not exactly the same Paul as the one in SPH, mainly because the Snape in "Resistance" is my interpretation rather than the interpretation of hp_snape, who played him beautifully in SPH. My Snape character is younger, less wise. Part of me can't wait until this story is written, because I want to read it. The other part of me doesn't want it to end, because then it will be over. (g)

I feel that way about my book projects, too.

Gaming: I'm tempted to try out either World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. As if I need another time sink.

TV: Crossing Jordan is still on A&E. They've moved it to the 6-7pm Central time slot. Hurray! I can still watch it.

There's going to be a show on the Science Channel disputing one of Stephen Hawking's theories. I guess I will just have to miss Dexter that night. Stephen Hawking and real science beat out a fictional serial killer any day of the week.

Food: Supper tonight was spaghetti with Havarti pesto. Dee-licious!