October 10th, 2006


Tuesday Morning Quickie

Writing: I worked on my Severus Snape and Paul Graves story last night. Working title is "Resistance." It's the one with Frank and Alice Longbottom in it. I figured out why Paul is necessary; it's because he will actually argue with Snape. Even Sirius Black doesn't do that--not about things which really matter. I wanted to do something that was free of the childhood rivalries.

Music: Today's earworm is: "Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez?" Yesterday's was the Pink Panther theme, which I didn't mind, at all.

Back to work, now. Bye!

Wicked Weather

The Weather Overhead: It looks nasty outside! There are lots of heavy, gray-green clouds coming in from the north. We're under a severe thunderstorm warning until 1:30pm and a tornado watch until 7pm.

I'm waiting for the thunder and lightning.

Our office weather paranoia employee is having kittens. Can't say I blame her. I am not looking forward to riding the bus home in this.
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