September 26th, 2006


Tuesday and Home at Last

In Memoriam

@>->-- John Ford, Writer --<-<@

Author of The Final Reflection and How Much for Just the Planet?

TV: I plan to be watching Dog tonight, if they still show it on Tuesdays. I think A&E is changing its programming line-up about now.

Work: Work was busy, as usual. I tackled referrals most of the morning and sent out referral packets.. I have four waiting to be done. *sigh* I'll be busy as soon as I get in the door tomorrow morning.

On the positive side, most of my filing is done, and I have only two actions on my list which aren't reminders for me to pay purchase orders for invoices I haven't yet received.

Social Commentary: I heard this at lunch. A co-worker said she almost wished that an education was something for the affluent, because she is so sick and tired of the way teenagers and some schoolchildren behave now. She told a story about a girl who beat her mother up in school, in front of staff.

I was pretty agog, both at the story and at my co-worker's statement. Part of me agreed with her, sort of. What she was trying to say, I think, is that an education should only be granted to those who know how to behave and want to learn, not to every hooligan who just happens to have been born.

Strictly merit-based education. There are days when I could go for that.
Geniuses Cry

Stupid World Series!

For one thing, I doubt the Astros will make it into the World Series this year, so pooh.

For another thing--this means no more House, MD until October 31! Wah! It's not fair!

Granted, I think House himself is an ass, but the medical stuff is intensely fascinating, and I am very ticked off that the show is to be pre-empted for so long. :(
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