September 20th, 2006


Dream, the Morning of 09/20/2006

Dream: Heavily influenced by the television show I watched last night on A&E.. I dreamed I was talking to Beth Chapman on the telephone, wishing her and her family well. She was badly, badly upset by her husband's arrest.

Busy Day

Work: Today seemed to stretch on and on at work, and I'm glad it did, because I was able to get more don. I typed reports, processed invoices, and closed purchase orders, and thankfully, the telephone was not too bothersome today. My action list went from 47 to 34. Yea! I hope I can whittle it down further tomorrow before the caseworkers start piling more work on me. :P

I'll be at my office's end-of-year meeting/party on Oct. 5-6. It's an overnight event. Training is slated to happen, but it's meant to be fun training.

Voice: I like the way my voice is beginning to sound when I practice my exercises--at least , the way it sounds when I am at home, can sing at full volume, and don't have to compete with my teacher's piano. She has taught me the technique of opening my throat by sing the high notes with a deep-pitch overtone. That really helps the volume without requiring extra effort; all I do is open my mouth and throat a little more. I'm liking it!

I wish I'd begun taking voice lessons in childhood. I love singing, and I would have a much better voice if I had done that. Ah well.
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"Nonesuch" Lyrics!


Oh, She will bring the buds in the spring
and dance among the flowers.
In summer's heat Her kisses are sweet,
She sings in leafy bowers.
She cuts the cane and gathers the grain,
when fruits of fall surround Her.
Her bones grow old in wintery cold,
She draws Her cloak around Her.

--Glenn Turner and Hope Athearn, 1969

I am rather disappointed that the lyrics were written in 1969, but I still love them!
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