September 17th, 2006

Pern Fan

Pern Fandom Nostalgia Blues

All--Please forgive my confused ramblings.

Why did I wake up this morning wanting, very much, to write a Pern fandom story introducing a new character? He's a brownrider with a Past.

I don't even know which Weyrs are still around. Most of the 10th Pass ones all closed at about the same time. I guess I could post it to the StarRise list or maybe submit him as a new character for Fort 9. My main hesitation about the StarRise list is that I don't want to post to a black hole. I know I haven't posted anything there in a while, and I'm not sure if anyone else has.

On the other hand, what bnetter way to spark activity than to post? So maybe I will.

This character could be suitable for Dark Fort, but I don't have the patience for their round-robin style, much less for the dragon color hierarchy, rampant homophobia (of the characters) and over-sexuality of it. Just about every character there seems to be gay or bi and heavily in the closet or obnoxiously heterosexual. I thought it was a fascinating twist on Pern culture when I first heard of the Weyr, but seeing it in practice turned me way off.

I was even considering Janus, Sable, or Theran this morning. I suspect I would be welcome at any of those three, but...those aren't the people I want to write with. I want to write/kibitz with Sandra, Cheryl, and June, not Cindy, LouAnn, and Virginia.

Deborah, what is Fort 9 doing? Are you all still putting out Harper Beat?

Which Weyrs are still out there?
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Work in Progress and Trek

The laundry is almost done. The closet is slowly being reclaimed. I now have a ton of old clothes hangers to get rid of. But it's nice to have closet space again.

Star Trek: We saw the new, improved CGI version of "Balance of Terror" last night, and I loved it. The phaser fire reflects off the underside of the primary hull, now!

It was fascinating to see how very Roman they played the Romulans on that episode. It wasn't just the references to Praetor and Centurion. It was the attitude. The whole bit about having to deal with a conquest-hungry emperor and the devotion to duty above all else. I really am deeply saddened that the Romulans in the later series lost all of that. I found the portrayal of the Romulans in "Balance of Terror" elegant, subtle, and beautiful--except for the one idiot officer.
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Book Lover

Rough Crossing

Books: Simon Schama, the author of History of Britain, has written a book called Rough Crossing. It is about the American Revolutionary War as seen from the point of view of the slaves. I want to read this, because it is a part of American history that I was never taught and it is also interesting to see the British side of things.

I never knew, for example, that the loyalists living in the colonies were given passage to Nova Scotia. I had always thought they just felt loyal to the King of England, but when things didn't go their way, I thought they had just accepted things the way they were and resumed their lives as normal, just as we do in any election when it doesn't go the way we want it. It never occurred to me that they would actually have left.

Schama is a frequent narrator of documentaries on The History Chennel. I didn't realize he was an author, so that's another reason why I look forward to reading this book. He has a fantastic speaking voice--I'm almost considering it for Paul's voice model.
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