September 14th, 2006


Let Your Inner Voice Sound Silly

Voice Lesson #12: Today's voice lesson was pretty interesting. My teacher asked me to describe how my voice sounds to me inside my head and how I think it sounds to others. I told her that it sounds deeper to me in my head and like a 12 year-old to others. So she is now having me work on changing the sound of my inner voice and opening up the throat muscles by having me sing deeply, even at pitches which are normally more high-sounding. It's definitely different. I'll be interested to see what sort of change this makes.

LJ: I like the new menu/navigation layout. Very nice, because it gives you right away all sorts of functions LJ used to make you dig for. I'm keeping the new default.

Baby Shower: We had a baby shower for a co-worker today. One of the games was to make you take an item of baby clothing from a basket at one end of the room to pin it to a clothesline at the other end of a room, while pretending to talk on a cellphone and hold a baby doll. It was hilarious! Our fastest person got seven items of clothing on the line. The funniest participant was my co-worker Lori W., who pretended to have a conversation with her husband, telling him, "Oh, I've got everything under control."

I pretended that the baby was pulling at my hair as I ran back and forth with it. Much fun was had by all. Looking forward to the arrival of Kathleen's baby. :)

Dog Chapman: I heard from Mark that Dog Chapman, his brother Tim, and one of his sons were arrested by US marshal for an extradition hearing. It seems Mexico wants them in connection to a rapist they caught a while back, who had fled to Mexico. I hope they'll be able to get out of this okay. Mexican prisons are not fun places.