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Jump back September 11th, 2006 Go forward

Birthday: We celebrated Mark's birthday at Han's Mongolian Barbecue in Clear Lake. It was delicious, as usual! After dinner, we had a small family gathering with a couple of friends at Mark's Dad's house, where we played a trivia game and all discovered how miserable we are at trivia. We had German chocolate cake. Now we have way too much cake in our freezer. *sigh* Cake from gaming, and now cake from this. I'd take it to work, but that's a real hassle on the bus, especially if it's standing room only.

Are there any charities which would take Already-Been-Eaten cake? No? Didn't think so.

Life: I feel very blah tonight. Please excuse me.

9/11: Not much commentary from me, except to say that I liked the President's speech, and I am thankful that no further attacks have occurred over here and that the British were able to foil the planned one in their country. Everything else, I believe, has already been said and far more eloquently than I could.

Books: I have begun reading Enough! by Juan Williams. The introduction is very good.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Jump back September 11th, 2006 Go forward