September 4th, 2006


Writing Work

In Memoriam:

@>->-- Steve Irwin --<-<@

I'll miss you, Crocodile Hunter.

Writing: Heh...I spent Labor Day laboring.

Oblatus: 2,931 words today.

I had done some work on this story previously, but I decided to scrap most of what I had writtten and to make my main character a religious knight instead of a mage.

I gave the raven to his priestess companion. The cool ebony cane, though, is nixed for this story.

Oblatus is about a character I created but decided not to write about because I was making her too much a victim--her life was too horrible. I have always wanted to write more about her, but it's hard to write about a character who is that bitter and abused. What sort of person could enjoy reading about a woman in such a situation? I sure as heck didn't want to appeal to that kind of reader. Now, though, I've figured out a way to rescue her that puts a lot of saner characters into the story. It has a decent ending idea. All I have to figure out now is how the plot will work--exactly how I will get from Point A to Point B.

I've introduced two of the major characters, as well as one significant minor character. Any resemblance between Knight-Marshal Garalduin and Jeremy Irons from Kingdom of Heaven is strictly in the reader's imagination. (g)

Paul Graves: There is appartently a college student named Paul Graves who attends Duke University and went to a lecture given by David Horowitz. He showed up in the question/answer session on C-SPAN. He's not a bad body model for my character at around age 20, either, although his voice is nothing like my character's.

Movie: Mark and I saw The Illusionist with Tom on Friday night. Definitely a good movie! It stars Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti, and it's about a magician who falls in love with a Hungarian duchess at the turn of the century. Lovely film!
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