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Fan Fiction: Yesterday, during the ride to gaming, I got hit over the head by a House, MD plot bunny. Somebody, please shoot me now, because I really, really want to write this. It's not a crossover, not slash, just a general story with a need for a lot of medieval mediical detail and psychological subtlety. In other words, it sounds like something that I will have to devote more time and thought to than I want to devote to a fan story. Bother!

Fantasy: I'm also getting ideas for an original fantasy piece, in a setting I created about a decade ago. It features a dark (lawful evil) wizard who is part of a questing party whose other members are all Good Guys. I haven't figured out the whys and wherefores of all that, but the wizard character interests me. I'm going to work on this story today.

Health: The swelling on the right side of my jaw continues to diminish, and I can open my jaw a tiny bit wider, I think.

Current Mood: workingI want to write!

company's coming, and the house is a HORRIBLE mess! Must go. Bye!

Current Mood: rushedrushed
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