August 26th, 2006


Saturday Update

Health: I wound up being admitted to the hospital overnight for the tooth abscess; my oral surgeon wanted me on IV antibiotics. So my abscess was drained in the ER, with me talking to the nurses in fingerspelling. I'm home now, and the facial swelling is much reduced, though I still can't open my mouth very wdely. But at least I can progress to eating mashed potatoes instead of clear broth.

New LJ Styles: I am not terribly impressed with the 76 new styles available to paid users. Maybe I'm just missing details, but really, they all look like the same layout to me, with just differances in the banner graphics and color scheme. So to me, it looks like just one layout, done 76 different ways. They are using the layouts from Vox, which is a blogging service that Six Apart runs. It looks like they're trying to make the back-end programming stuff easier to work with--it's easier to use CSS than S2 behind the scenes. So I can understand that well enough. It's just...overall, the effect of looking at all 76 variants on the preview page was very boring, to me. I'm amazed the Vox users will put up with it.

So I will be keeping my journal the way it is, for the foreseeable future.
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