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Gaming: Not much going on today. I wrote some gaming posts, did some real writing--on Dakmir--as well. Also need to come up with a new character for next week's gaming session, since we're starting a new campaign with new characters.

a proposal has been made that one night, we should vote on which character we want everyone to play, and you can't choose for yourself; you can only vote for the other players. I have the sinking feeling that the other gamers want me to play my Evil character Senara.

Ugh. I don't really want to be in Senara's head while I prep for that. She's basically an oblatus to her (evil) god. I craeted her because my former DM (the current DM's ex) wanted to see if I could play an evil character. Well, yes, I can. But I don't like ordinary, petty evil, like greed, megalomania, or bigotry, etc. My evil characters tend to be people who could have led decent lives under other circumstances, but I put them in a horrible situation instead, so they're evil.

Paul is essentially like that, except that he has a very well-devel9oped moral sense. Senara never had that chance.


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