August 14th, 2006

I reside in her mind.

He Lives in My Head :P

Writing: (Fannish, HP) Geeze...All morning, I've had a very upset 17 year-old Slytherin pacing back and forth in my head, talking to McGonagall, half in tears. He's talking to McGonagall because he can't stand Horace Slughorn, who I believe is Head of Slytherin during the 70's.

Yep, it's Paul, not Seth. Paul wants answers to question which Seth doesn't have to ask. It's a good thing the trigger event happened when he was a teenager. Had it happened after he grew up, someone would be in pieces. Thank God for teenage years.

The little McGonagall in my head is somewhat nonplussed. She didn't expect to find him in her office after he abruptly left the dining hall at breakfast. I don't think she expected his blunt explanation of why he prefers to talk to her instead of Slughorn, either. She's trying to retreat behind manners while sorting it all out--and she's realizing that manners are totally inadequate, as he's discussing an adult issue.

This will be intriguing to write, once I get home.
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Book Lover

The Sorting Hat Must Go

I got to thinking today about the Houses of Hogwarts, and the need for inter-House unity, as well as being reminded of a few old proverbs. It seems to me that, if JKR really thinks that inter-House unity should be promoted, then her characters are going about it the wrong way.

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