July 27th, 2006


Keep on Singing

Voice Lesson #6: Today, I heard improvement in the way the scale exercises sounded. That is important to me, because the exercises are the foundations of songs. I'd rather sound good during the exercises, at this point, than during the songs, because I want to keep improving the foundation.

Getting into the power of my voice was a good decision, I think. I am really pleased with the way tonight's lesson went. I am actually beginning to feel more in control of my voice, a little more aware of how to get my throat to do what I want. This is so neat!!!

My voice teacher is also having me learn a jazz song called "Autumn in New York." She wanted to pick something I wasn't familiar with, and the jazz repertoire is completely foreign territory to me. The way my teacher sings this song, it's like chocolate fondue--smooth, decadent, and slow. It's not the sort of song that would normally appeal to me; I have no feel whatsoever for the beauty of New York. But I can certainly appreciate the way she sings it. I'll be learning it for next week.

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