July 22nd, 2006


Gaming/RPG Stuff

USS Harbinger: Hm. Looks like my character, Dr. Dhuro, is definitely Chief Medical Officer of the Harbinger. I wasn't entirely sure what his status was, since there already was a CMO listed on the manisfest, but it looks like that character has been shifted down to 'Doctor.'

In our current mission, we've just docked at Starbase 59, whose personnel are behaving oddly. So of course, we're going in to investigate. (g)

USS Odyssey: This one is moving a bit slowly at the moment. I'm currently in two threads--one in which my character, the counselor, is reacting badly to the Cardassian ACMO because of my character's weird empathy aberration, and another, in which he is having breakfast with the Chief of Ops.

Fortunately, my character is male, so the ACMO hasn't made a pass at him. Since the character is based on Paul, this is a Good Thing!

USS Nightraven: These two Trek games are making me want to take the Nightraven out of mothballs. What's keeping me back is that I don't want to be the GM. I want to have the ship out there, to my specs, and I want to use the background story I've created, but I'm not up to game-mastering the thing. That requires a lot of time that I'd rather spend on writing.

The New Class: I need to post in there.

Two Alleys: I so need to post in there, but the love of my character's life (her writer, anyway), has a concussion.

Speaking of Paul's lady-love...

Movie: Last night, I saw a trailer for a movie called The Fountain, which stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz as a couple who drink the sap of the Tree of Life and become immortal. The movie starts in Spain in 1500 and goes all the way to AD 2500.

Yes, I was all excited about this movie because the little Paul in my head was melting. "I must find Lilith some pearl-drop earrings. " Every time I see Rachel Weisz, I am reminded of how beautiful Paul thinks Lilith is, even if she's grungy from gardening.

*pets character*

Software: I rather like the Mailman program. They use it at Frontier Fleet to manage their mailing lists, and it makes messages so much easier to find than they are on Yahoo.
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