July 19th, 2006



Writing: My copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers arrived in today's mail. It's a helpful book. Already, I've figured out a way to improve "The Devil's Due," just from the first chapter. Not bad! I look forward to seeing what further reading brings.

Food Recommendation: If you want a tasty snack, try Terra Chips' Potpourri. It's three vastly different types of potato chips, and they're quite tasty.

War on Terror: So--If we're going after al-Qaeda, and the Israelis are going after Hezbollah and Hamas, who is going after Crimson Jihad?

(My husband actually had the answer to that question!)

Comes Shattery, Scattery

I found one of my favorite poems on the Internet! it is from Battlestations! by Diane Carey. I don't know if she wrote the poem or if someone else did.

This is the sixth element,
Time crossing time
Until all stands still,
And we may think.
Study, but touch.
Learn, and later know.
Tame the craggy agonies of toil's time.
Memory and memoring comes late,
Comes shattery, scattery.
When all is done,
It is not to die;
It is to die well.
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