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Today I spent very quietly--napping, chatting online with a couple of people, eating supper out with Mark, doing some writing on The Boy from the Sea.

Writing: I worked out more of the relationship between Garedin and his grother Azrin, how magic works with kingship in Marellas, and how that complicates things.

Books: I finished reading Throne of Jade. I hear that things heat up as a result of the China adventure when we get to The Black Powder War. I am going to be crying in my beer that it will take a while before Book #4 comes out!

Gaming: Working out the entree of my Bajoran medical officer when he transfers to his new ship, the Harbinger. I have no idea whether he will be regular medical staff, the ACMO, or the CMO. The Harbinger has a CMO already, but he is apparently not very active, and his rank is lower than my character's. That's going to be an interesting mess to work out.

I am perfectly happy for my fellow to not be CMO; I don't want to step on the current player's toes. But I don't know how the rank situation can be realistically resolved unless my guy takes a demotion, and I just start him out as a Lt.(jg), which is doable. Currently, he is a lieutenant, and I can't picture him accepting a fellow of lower rank as his superior, even if the other character does have more seniority on the ship. We'll see how the GM works it out.

Current Mood: calmcalm
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