July 3rd, 2006


Tea and Crumpets

When Language and Food Collide: Apparently, the phrase, "serve tea and crumpets" is now more commonly used as a metaphor for appeasing one's enemies than as a verb phrase that refers to the actual serving of food for high tea. *grumbles*

I found some crumpets at the grocery store near my voice teacher's studio. It sells really cool food; I'm looking to find a haggis there, someday.

So, anyway, what goes on crumpets?

The irony of indulging in serious anglophilia on the eve of July 4th has not escaped me. (g)

Life: I got my hair cut this evening! It is now the length shown in the icon I used for this entry.

Crappy news: I feel a cold coming on, and I am praying that I didn't give it to my 92 year-old grandparents when I visited them last night. *wibbles* I feel pretty much okay right now, but two of my co-workers and my housemate have been badly sick with this thing, and both of my grandparents are frail. Please, God, don't let me have given this to them. I wanted to see them last night because they are so frail. I was afraid to not go visit them.

We have new dishes! If I'm not feeling too much like a plague dog tomorrow, I hope to get them moved into the cupboard.

Books: I have begun reading Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik. It's good, so far!
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Paul Graves as a Young Man

My God, I just came across the most incredible piece of art while looking for a body model for a Starfleet character.

This is Paul at age 20-something. The artist, Laura O., intended it to be Jason Carter (of Babylon 5) as a young man,

I wish I'd known about this picture during SPH! Aside from just the sheer visual impact of the portrait, another thing I like about it is that I can look at this image and believe that someone who looks like Seth could have come from this. It is just amazing!