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July 2019
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Work: My lunch is frightfully healthy today--grilled chicken rubbed in herbs, a salad, and iced tea. It's very well cooked, too.

Work has been steadily busy but not overwhelming, which is nice. I expect to get my caseworker's travel sometime today, and that's when the rush will start. They are always in a horrid rush with travel, but they can never seem to get it to me within a day or so after they return from training. *rolls eyes* No, they always have to wait until the ninth or tenth day, when it's due in Austin RIGHT NOW.

Other than that, though, not a bad day, so far.

Wasting Away Again in Harry Potterville: I don't know why, but Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy have been on my mind--I've been speculating to myself what their marriage is like. I need to stop this. I don't even care about Lucius and Narcissa, for godsakes. At least, I thought I didn't.

TA: I also need to figure out why someone has attacked Paul in the Graves Pharmaceuticals building. Trust me to be silly enough to write an attack because I am trying to increase the threat level, but I haven't yet decided where it's coming from. Lame, Chantal, very lame. Bad writing! No biscuit.

Not much else going on. Back to work for me!

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Current Mood: busybusy
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