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The Weather Overhead: We heard a clap of thunder this morning at 5:00am, and it's been raining ever since. We've gotten 10 inches of rain so far today, and it's only about 1:00pm. I was off of work today for a Texas state skeleton crew holiday (offices are only half-staffed), but it looks like the state offices have all been closed for the day, instead. We're under a flood watch until 4:00am tomorrow. It's expected to rain all of this week.

I've mainly just been lazy, otherwise. I expect to do some writing today, and hopefully some TA writing with Viv. *gives Viv a hopeful look (g)*

Not much else is going on, except listening to the rain fall.

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Brittany McComb, valedictorian at Foothill High School near Las Vegas, was the subject of school censorship when the mike was turned off during her graduation address because she was mentioning God.

My initial reaction to this was to be pretty annoyed at the school. Upon learning more about her speech, I see that McComb gave more than just a passing reference to her religion. I now find myself agreeing with the school--to a certain extent.

I agree that talking about the crucifixion , especially in detail, and inserting numerous Biblical references into the speech was going a little too far on Brittany's part. But I also think the school could have negotiated with her more and treated her like the adult she is about to become, instead of treating her like a child whose views are to be squashed because they aren't politically correct. A school is supposed to teach, not crush students' intellects under its bootheel.

I think, if the school had been willing to bend a little in its vetting process, Brittany might have been willing to bend a little about the content of her speech, and possibly her parents could have advised her and discussed this with her. Had I been her mother, I know I would have. I would have told her that I fully supported her wish to describe how God/Christ was her inspiration to work hard, but I would have told her to be subtle about it.

Basically, I think this situation was handled in such a way that the school looks bad, and the whole truth might not be commonly known, because it will be touted in the media as 'School Prevents Valedictorian from Mentioning God,' and headlines like that may be all most people will ever know of the matter. It is a little more complex than that.'

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