June 16th, 2006


Dreams, the night of June 15, 2006

Last night's dreams concerned my workplace and things related to it. In one dream, I was taking care of my Field Director's infant daughter. He doesn't actually have an infant daughter, but he had one in the dream. She was adorable.

In the other dream, I was either providing mobility instruction or giving a mobility evaluation to a woman who lived in a house whose exterior I never saw. You entered it through a curving dirt path that led into a small cave, and in the cave was a set of steps leading down. The lady met me on these steps, along with a lot of Buckingham Palace guards (yes, I'm serious). I sighted-guided her down the steps, but she didn't really need it. Though I could tell she was blind, she moved about her house amazingly well, was very familiar with it.

The interior of the house was fantastic--all polished marble floors and steps, and statuary. She took me to her bedroom, where we were supposed to start the training. In her bedroom she had a pianist playing on a baby grand piano. While I was perched on the bed talking with her, she told the pianist to play something by some particular composer who I'd never heard of. I was agog at the notion of just having a pianist at your personal beck and call, as if he were some lady-in-waiting you might hand a handkerchief off to in passing. I told her that I didn't think she needed any training inside her house, and then I woke up.
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Malaysian Food

Malaysian Food - Link courtesy of tarlia. I can't decide which dish sounds the most delicious!

It's interesting to me that what I could consider entree food is served in coffee shops. In the States, coffee shops just sell pastries with the coffee. Neat!