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Writing: I did more work in my writing journal this morning than I expected to, which was nice. I'm looking at the possibility of opening an account with WordPress for file storage. I'll give them a closer look.

Hm. Just finished looking at WordPress. It's just another blogging service, so I'm not sure I really need that; I already have musevoices as a permanent account, and I can easily store text information there.

Gaming; Gaming last night was interesting; we're working through the entire Exodus, with our DM's weird slant on it. No gaming next week, as she is attending a conference and delivering a lecture on medical grant writing.

Sports: I see Mexico beat Iran in the World Cup playoffs. Go, Mexico!

Weather: And we have the first named storm of the season, Alberto, bearing down on Florida. Fortunately, it is not expected to become a hurricane.

LJ Housekeeping: I'm thinking of deleting the links to most of my friends filters, since I hardly ever use many of them. I'd like to have the link slots available for other things. I think I'll also change the background color for body text a bit. I want it to look more beige. It looks too orange, right now.

Color has been changed. I like this much better.

Shopping: I need to get a 'booklet' of CD sleeves to keep the CD's of my voice lessons in.

The background color I previously used in this journal was: fff0c0.

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