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Work: *sigh* Crappy morning. I didn't check a fax confirmation sheet back in November, and this has delayed a consumer getting mobility lessons because the recipient's fax machine was busy when I sent the order.. *headdesk* It's mornings like today when I wonder why I am in this job. I feel like a totally incompetent and careless fool. Hopefully, that will inspire me to be more careful in the future.

Music: The teacher is having me do what she calls sighing exercises, in which I take a deep breath and then let it out in a vocal sigh, to stretch my range slowly and give my voice more elasticity. I practice outside, and I have a feeling that the folks waiting at the bus stop behind our back yard probably wonder who is making that weird, dying cow noise. (g)

My teacher wants me to bring a CD of music by Hildegard of Bingen with me next week, since that's the type of music I'm interested in learning. I did warn her that Hildegard is considered difficult...

She wants to tempt me into liking opera. I don't know about that. During lesson #1, I thought my voice sucked ass through a straw. I think it will be a while before it gets good enough to actually sing anything from an opera. I love listening to her sing, though. Her voice is like whipped cream and chocolate. Just...Wow!

The cool thing is, I'm wanting to sing more and more, just for the pleasure of hearing myself. I sound a lot better (to me) when I'm singing than I do when doing scales. But I figure, the scales have to improve first, and when they do, the actual singing will improve.

The Potterverse: Check out snapecast!

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Jump back June 1st, 2006 Go forward