May 30th, 2006


Two Alleys - Viv

Viv--The response I sent you got bounced back to me, so I will attempt to resend it when I get home from work this evening. However, I have also posted Paul's response in ta_paulgraves, and it's in the "A Visit from Miss Drachenstein" post on his Recent Entries page, if you want to look at it sooner.

See you later!

PSA - Hurricane Evacuation for the Disabled

PSA: I got an email at work today from one of the higher-ups, and it gives advice for disabled people who have no family or friends and no transportation to get them out of town in case of a mandatory hurricane evacuation.

If you know someone living in Texas who is disabled and has no family or friends who can offer the person transportation out of a hurricane zone, the person should call 211 now to register for transportation should it be needed in the future. People are asked not to wait until there is a hurricane in the Gulf; they should register now, before there is a storm, so that rescue workers can be adequately prepared.

Work: Work was tiring today. I had to pack and move things from a bookcase and storage cabinet in a vacant office so that they can be moved to the new location, while a new employee moves into the vacant office near me. I still have to clean out the desk drawers tomorrow. Joy. Oh, and do the work that I regularly have to do. *sigh*

Silliness: I mentally cast Paul into the role of the vampire historian in Underworld II, mainly because I thought Paul would have done it better. It's stupid to lie to a big, bad, powerful villain when it's obvious that he knows you're lying to him.

Life: The day after tomorrow is payday. For about a minute, I get to see the nice increase in size of my checking account before I swiftly have to reduce the size of it. *sigh* As far as I'm aware, I have no doctor appointments scheduled for June. Hurray! *keeping fingers crossed that I won't have to have any.* I really want to build my sick leave and annual leave balances back up.
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Two Alleys

Two Alleys - Wolf Jewelry

TA: (Work in progress) Paul has gone amulet shopping in Knockturn Alley in hopes of finding something that will be similar to or point him toward the origins of Piotr's and Sergei's amulet. I'm not sure where this post is going to go. Something dramatic needs to happen before I end it, however.