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Movie: Mark and I will probably see the third X-Men movie tonight with our friends Tom and Donna. I'm rather looking forward to it.

Writing: Last night, I began a character profile for a character of mine, Alledon, Duke of Wyris. It's turning out interesting, though I haven't yet learned anything about him that stunned me.

Pern: I hear that a Canadian production company has bought the rights to put together a Dragonriders of Pern movie. I hope they do a good job and don't put any wormholes in it.

I nominate Angelina Jolie to play Kylara. :D A big issue with me is, who will play Masterharper Robinton? Hm....

Oh, and I nominate Jeffrey Meek to play Aerden. *stuffs character firmly back in his box*

Current Mood: goodgood
Jump back May 26th, 2006 Go forward