May 15th, 2006



'Abdominal discomfort is a common side-effect of taking fluconazole. So are headache and nausea...'

Yep. Tell me about it. May I go home now?
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Feeling Better Now

I felt better enough at lunch to eat the marinated chicken breast with black bean salsa for lunch. It was tasty, but not too spicy, so that was good.

I spent much of yesterday watching back-to-back episodes of Mythbusters and then three programs on The Discovery Channel about The Da Vinci Code. It was interesting to find out the real history of the Grail myth. I got the impression that Dan Brown, author of the novel, is a bit of a true believer when it comes to the whole 'Merovingian lineage of Christ' thing. There's no real verifiable data to support it, though.

My friend Karina says that the priest at her church was specifically advising his congregation not to see the movie. Naturally, Karina thus intends to see it the first chance she gets. I don't know if the Church has a problem with this movie or whether it's just Karina's priest.

As far as I'm concerned, even if it were true that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children with her, that doesn't change my faith. I look at what the man did and at what he preached. It isn't even important to me whether or not he was the Son of God. What matters to me is, 'What did he do with his life? What were his teachings?' That flies directly in the face of the Catholic Credo, but oh well. Divine origin is not as important to me as deeds. Miracles are not as important to me as firmly adhereed to beliefs.

It'll be interesting to see this movie, now that I've learned some of the historical facts and debunking behind it.

Time for afternoon nap, now. Yes, really, it is. If only I could convince my boss of that...
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In Memory

@>->-- Dennis Murphy, Ph.D --<-<@

Our friend Dennis was a computer science instructor at the University of Houston/Clear Lake. He had suffered small strokes a year or so ago, which hampered his ability to teach, and he had been admitted into the hospital over the past weekend. He was found cyanotic and not breathing this morning when the nurse came by to do her usual rounds. They couldn't resuscitate him. Dennis was 63.

Dennis was a neat guy. He told just about the stupidest jokes I've ever heard, but he could play and compose music for the recorder, and he performed with his church's choir down in Clear Lake until the stroke make him no longer able to do that. He loved good cinema and classical and baroque music.

His funeral will be held in Boston. I'll miss him. We tried to adopt him into our gaming group, but tabletop RP bored him. Still, we enjoyed seeing him at Thanksgiving and Christmas at our DM Karina's house.
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