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Writing: I begin to understand why I don't like role-playing games as much as I like writing. In writing, you can test something, see whether it works, and if it doesn't work, you can revise. In an RPG, you are stuck with what you wrote, even if it turns out to be stupid and doesn't work at all.

I hate writing things which turn out to be stupid which then have to remain stupid for all time.

TA: I spent much of today working on posts for two_alleys_rpg. I completed a backpost for ta_paulgraves called "A Book Burning." I still have more backstory that I need to write posts for, concerning that. I also started on Paul's newest post, which is called "The Wall of Swords." The wall hasn't come into play so far in the post, but it will soon. People from SPH will probably remember Paul's method of dealing with stress.

Suse--What I discussed with you this morning about what the Livre will do to Paul--I decided to be more subtle with it and to build things up slowly--because I'd rather keep the man out of Azkaban, this time. (g)

That's all, folks!

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
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