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Medical: As the title of this post says. Suffice it to say, the second ESWL worked. I don't think there's need to go into any more detail than that. I'm happy.

HP: I visited mctabby's journal and participated in the HP Friending Frenzy IV, because it looked like a fun thing to do. It's nice to know that Harry Potter fandom is large enough to encompass my fan-fictional pairing interests. (g)

I really like Snape/Lily. And I'll even go for Snape/Hermione, as long as she's about 30. I also like the idea of Harry/Luna.

What cracks me up is, I don't even read much canon character fan fiction because I prefer writing original things outside of the Potterverse. So why do I even care what the fan-created pairings are? (g)

Ah, well.

Writing: I found author Robin Hobb's Fan Fiction Rant via pegkerr's journal. Hobb brings up some points which I agree with. Here is a rebuttal written by fan writer Fay Jay.

I apologize to any of you who are readers of musevoices. Most of what I've been putting in that journal lately has been marked private. I hope to write some more public posts for it soon.

Coolness!: Swiped from marvo because it is so cool!

Ninja animation

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