April 17th, 2006


Monday Back at Work

Work: Still plugging away at ye olde action list.

I'm on my lunch break now, and it is as if, now that Lent is over, my body has suddenly remembered what snacking is and that it wants Captain's Wafers. I'm fighting the urge with water, in hopes that my body will calm down. Lunch is a lettuce salad with tuna salad in it. I find that if the lettuce doesn't fill me up, the tuna does.

TA: If you're not in two_alleys_rpg, you will probably not understand most of the following paragraph. Sorry!

I started writing the post in which Seth goes to visit Paul (after their argument about the Livre de Sangre), to ask for his help in dealing with Piotr, which will set up the chat log scene that Sarah and I wrote on Sunday. I will be tweaking that log a bit to make it flow more like a story. I'm thinking that Paul attempts to destroy the Livre before he visits Piotr, which gives rise to interesting speculations in my head. How much is the Livre affecting Paul during that visit? I'm not sure. I didn't write it as if he were under the book's influence; in that scene he was just pure Paul, being Slytherin in hopes of psyching Sergei out. It didn't work too well, but Paul figured he had to try. He at least got a good lead for research--or so he thinks. I'm eager to write more!

Politics: I signed a petition form to put Kinky Friedman on the ballot for Texas governor this year. The way I figure it, if he wants to run, he should at least get on the ballot. Give the people as wide a choice as possible. Whether I'll vote for him in November remains to be seen. Admittedly, I don't want my governor to be a flake, even though I agree with a lot of what he says.

Dream, the night of April 16, 2006: I dreamed that I was on a cruise ship and that I was trying to evade someone who wanted to murder me. Much belly-crawling, hiding below-decks, and ducking into storage rooms ensued. That's about all I remember.

Two Alleys Update

I have posted the latest two entries in Piotr Rachinov's saga in two_alleys_rpg. They are, in chronological order, "A Request for a Friend" and "An Impromptu Interrogation." Enjoy! :) Or better yet, create your own Potterverse character and join the RP!
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