April 8th, 2006


Saturday Update

Movie: Mark, Tom, and I went to see Ice Age II last night and enjoyed it very much. Queen Latifa plays a mammoth who thinks she's a possum, a role that reminded me a lot of Crazy Cora from Quigley, Down Under.

Friends: Anna, Kelli, Kris D., Andrea, Dave--Where are you guys? Have you fallen off the face of the Earth, or have I just not been reading far enough down on my friends list? I hope you're all okay.

Writing: I got a good start on the new version of Boy from the Sea, and I'm continuing on with it today.

Gaming: Anyone who likes Starfleet PBEM gaming, I recommend either Destinies Armada or Frontier Fleet. Both are very good, small fleets with experienced players in them.

We'll be doing our usual Saturday night RPG this evening over at Karina's.

Life: I go back to work on Monday. Over two weeks of backlog. Oh, God help me.
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PBEM Application Approval Rant

WHY can't Americans write in proper English, anymore? I have quite a few non-American friends and acquaintances who write much better English than most American gaming applicants I've seen--especially from would-be Star Trek gamers.

I was reading over someone's character biography today. It was, to be honest, not a bad biography in terms of the player thinking out the character's story and developing it. I thought the player did a pretty good job of describing his character's past and explaining how he came to join the ship.

But the player does not use periods to end sentence or (usually) use capital letters to begin them!!!

*bangs head violently against desk*

Maybe I am just Miss Overly Picky Nazi Grammarian. But dammit, if I'm going to have to read this person's stuff day after day, week after week, I for darned sure want it to be a pleasurable experience instead of a constant aggravation to me or to the other players. I don't know what to do with this app. My inclination is to refuse the person on the grounds that his writing is not up to standard.

I am wondering if I could require the person to resubmit the application to me with correct punctuation used. That way, I could at least have some assurance that the player would know what is expected of him, and I could know that I was not letting a lazy player into the game.

This is really causing internal conflict because I used to write with someone who was a fantastic storyteller, but because of dyslexia or something--I never knew what--her writing was sometimes very hard to understand. But the fact that she was a brilliant storyteller still shone through, and I miss reading her posts to this day.

Duste, where are you? *whines*
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